In true alchemic form wet plate photography is, to us, magical.  A photographic process from the Civil War era seems an unlikely choice considering the conveniece of the digital age.  For us this is a true labor of love from mixing the chemistry to varnishing the fininshed plate.  And the finished product is an heirloom that will outlast any iPhoto.   Check out the pricing page for more information and email us to set 
up an appointment at


We'll start by talking about what you are looking for from your photo.  How you want it to look, overall vibe, composition, etc.  Then we'll pose the shot and make sure you feel comfortable.  I'll then disappear for a few minutes while I prepare your plate.  We'll double check the shot, shoot (which will require 3-12 seconds of sitting/posing totally still) and then develop!  Plan to visit for about an hour and a half from start to finish.  While there have been many masters in this process.  I am not one of them.  Expect artifacts on the plate especially around the edges where signs of hand development are tell tale signs of tintype.


This is a "living chemical process" meaning it is ever changing and it is sllllloooow!  So get comfortable, check your instagram, and sit tight while we create an heirloom that will last 150 years together!   Movement of the sitter, chemistry, lighting, etc all can effect the one-shot image.  If any of these are problematic, we may need to take more thank one shot (free of charge).  Give the process about an hour and a half from start to finish, although you are only needed for the first 30 minutes or so if all goes well.  Creating something that could potentially last forever takes time! :)

The actual exposure time we will vary depending on the shot but most will require you to be totally still for 10 seconds or less.  Don't worry! You can blink and breathe, but the more still you are the clearer the image will be.  Also note that studio shots use very bright lights and flashes! 

What makes this process special is its unparalleled uniqueness.  No image can be recreated exactly the same.  (Of course you are welcome to scan and print your tintype!)  Also, Since this is a handmade process and my hand will never be perfect, neither will the photo.  There are often artifacts in the corners of the plates, tension marks from where I hold the plate, etc.  That's where the beauty is! 

If you would like more than one, it will require another shot (and a few more minutes) We will take $20.00 off additional shots.

**  While I am thrilled to shoot your little ones, it's important to know that the tintype studio is not the most child friendly place.  This is a chemical process.  There are chemicals stored in and carried through the darkroom.  We use bright lights and flashes which may make children upset or uncomfortable and lights are extremely fragile and heavy.  It's important that children (and adults!) in the studio are able to sit still and follow direction.